Bitcoin Wallet Stealer ------------------------- It steals the wallets from different programs and uploads them to your ftp. If you get an unprotected wallet you can do what ever you want with the bitcoins there . At the moment my Stealer supports the following programs: - Bitcoin - Electrum - MultiBit - Dogecoin - Litecoin - Ppcoin - Terracoin You must enter your data in the builder. The name of the wallets depends on the used program, the pc name and the file extension (.dat and .wallet). In the builder you've got the opportunity to check the ftp connection, I recommend that. Then you can choose if you want to pack the output file. You will get two more detections when doing this. The output file isn't FUD but 3/35 The stealer is written in C++ and has been tested on XP, Vista and 7.8.10 Download for free here




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