A mystic is the one who simply knows that he is himself. He lives his life according to his own light, he creates his own space, he has his own being. He is utterly contented with himself, because without comparison you cannot be discontented either. And he is not an egoist, he cannot be -- ego needs comparison, ego feeds on comparison. He is simply doing his thing. The rose is a rose and the lotus is a lotus, and some tree is very high and some other tree is very small -- but everything is as it is. Just try to see for a single moment without comparing, and then where is superiority and where is inferiority? And where is the ego, the source of it all?




Лајкувај Чат
Lapiscina Baner

Pada kisa ubi misa, al ne mene i moje uspomene..!!

Kaj si be druze..??...mu ja naredi rabotata...

Crni kaput, zuta masnja, pukni dragi drug sam nasla...!..

Zivotot ne e vrzan so pandelka, no sepak e poklon...

Mozok..brat ;)